Signal Services

Determining the exact price to sell your forex trading signal plans depends on various factors, including the value you provide, the competition in the market, and the specific features of your plans. However, I can offer you a general pricing range that you can consider as a starting point. Keep in mind that these are just approximate figures and should be adjusted based on the factors mentioned earlier:

Basic Tier: $100 per month

Access to your trading signals. 90 to 95% accuracy of signal each signal you get return of 10 % to 20% as per the lot size.
Basic customer support. In this tier you may get 2 signals per day. 

Premium Tier: $150 per month

More frequent and detailed signals.
In-depth analysis and insights.
Priority customer support. In this tier you may get 2 to 4 signals per day.

VIP Tier: $200 per month

Personalized consultations and trading strategies.
Direct access to your trading team.
Advanced risk management strategies.
Free Trial or Limited Access: Offer a 7-day free trial or a limited access plan with basic features. This will allow potential customers to experience your service before committing to a subscription.

Discounts: Consider offering discounts for longer subscription periods (e.g., quarterly or annual subscriptions). For instance, you might offer a 10-20% discount for an annual subscription compared to a monthly subscription.